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It’s Never Too Late to Plan a Romantic Getaway

It is never too late to start booking your romantic getaway. The right stay can go a long way towards creating an atmosphere. Hear more from Stephanie Ellis on her recent trip and why Europe could be one of the places that will make your list of favorite places put you in the proper mood for any romantic getaway.

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Your One Stop Travel Shop

Did you know that we have retail in our new location? We carry everything that you need to make your packing a breeze. We also carry a selection of artisan created gift items from around the world. All handmade and created for you.

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A Leap of Faith in the Right Direction

It was in the street eating a fresh mango near the ferry to Cozumel and I felt the pure joy of dancing and didn’t give a thought to the people who might be looking at me. I am pretty sure that dance was not beautiful to others, but it was beautiful to my soul.

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Around the World in Seven Days

In a time when I was unable to travel and feel connected to the world, The Whittaker Inn brought a tiny world to my backyard. The inn has given my family the opportunity to connect with each other when we were not able to connect with the rest of the world.

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A New Perspective on Travel Goals

I have to confess, working in the travel industry makes it hard to have clear travel goals for the new year. I am constantly looking at far-off destinations and amazing trips that we have the opportunity to plan for our clients. Regardless of this, I always try to have a new travel goal each year.

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Give the Gift of Travel This Year

The last two years have been incredibly tough on everyone. We have been stuck
at home, pushing through work, and
missing family. As the world starts to
open, there is no time like the present to start thinking about your next trip.

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Navigating the Travel World After COVID-19

Every new memory made is precious
to me. Like most of you I have been struggling with staying home. There may be a lot of uncertainty right now
as to when we will be able to travel again, but one thing that I do know is that we will travel.

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